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If you own your own home and either want more care at home than the local authority is prepared to offer, or your spouse is already in a privately funded care home and you want to continue giving them the care they deserve, equity release may be the answer. 

Equity release plans allow home owners who are 55+ to release TAX FREE* money from their home which could then be used to help pay for either care at home or to help pay for a spouse’s care.

Modern equity release schemes are not only safe they are much more flexible and you can now chose whether you make any monthly repayments or not. No matter whether you do elect to pay the interest the debt (plus any accumulated interest if you elect not to make any monthly repayments) only needs to be repaid when you (or in joint life cases – the last one of you) dies or moves permanently into a care home. As such they can provide you with much needed extra funds to either help pay your care fees to consider using to buy a care fees annuity  

New development in paying for care via equity release Although any safe equity release which meets Equity Release Council’s standards, taken out whilst still living at home must be repaid within 12 months of when the sole applicant/homeowner moves into residential care or dies(and therefore means the home cannot be rented out to help pay care fees), we do now have a few equity release providers who will allow an equity release scheme to be taken out after the last homeowner has moved into care and would also allow the home to be rented out. This can therefore offer anyone who needs to be self-funder’s legal representative a way of boosting income and also releasing a lump sum to meet any balance of fees or perhaps purchase a care fees annuity.  Webmasters this should link through to the care fees annuity page 

Of course equity release may not be right for everyone and will inevitably result in less money being available to leave to beneficiaries  and for those still living at home may affect both means tested benefits which you receive or may be entitled to and could even prevent you qualifying for any local authority funded domiciliary care/direct payment award.  Consequently you should only proceed with Equity release after first receiving expert advice.  Being an Equity Release Council Adviser member with many years experience of arranging equity release we would be pleased to advise you and offer much more information about equity release and paying for care on our specific website

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Equity Release – A Means of Paying for Care

Care at Home -  An equity release scheme can release a lump sum of money that could be used to:-

  • Buy assistive devices or modifications to your home.
  • Pay for more frequent carers.
  • Maintain your independence.

Paying for Care in a Care Home -  New Landlord Equity Release schemes can prevent you  or your Power of Attorney from having to sell your home and instead:-

  • Release funds to help meet care home fees and still benefit from any potential increases in the value of the home.
  • Allow you to rent out your home and receive rental income to pay for the fees.

Specialist Equity
Release Advice

Apart from being specialist care fee advisers our Principal is also an Equity
Release Council adviser member.

So if you are interested in exploring further just how much you could release why not visit our dedicated equity release site

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