Advice on care

Advice on care

Paying Nursing Home Fees

Paying for a nursing home or care home can be very expensive, with nursing home fees costing anything between £750 - £1,600 per week, or a staggering £39,000- £83,200 per year! To discover how much this could amount to over time and to check entitlement to benefits and identify your annual shortfall in income, why not use our simple care fees calculator.

Care Fees Planning

Chose how best to pay for nursing or residential care fees can be difficult, that’s why professional care fees advice and planning is priceless, it can help you save money and ensure money never runs out.

Unfortunately, some people leave it to late and money erodes quicker than expected potentially forcing them into cheaper care or just accepting whatever care your Local Authority can provide.

Don’t be one these. With proper care fees advice this needn’t happen.

If you would like to receive professional care fees advice our regulated specialists Care Financial would be pleased to help.

Paying Nursing Home Fees

Once they establish you have to be a self-funder they will look at all funding options for you, including :-

  • Continuing just to pay-as-you-go.
  • Investing to provide better returns.
  • Care Fee Annuities (or immediate need annuities) - which provide a guaranteed indefinite income, which can also be arranged to increase each year, to help meet the expected increases in care fees.
  • Renting your Home to provide additional income although this is likely to be insufficient on its own.
  • Deferred Payment Schemes (but only if other non-property capital is less than £23,250 (England), £50,000 (Wales) £18,000 (Scotland) – (2021/2)
  • Or indeed a combination of all of these.

They will then discuss each with you and construct a personalised individual care plan for you that will not only ensure continuity of care, but help cap the cost of care.

Request a Personal Care Fees Consultation

Don't jeopardize your parent's care. Minimise the cost and ensure it can continue to be received indefinitely. Book your appointment today and receive invaluable advice on claiming benefits and all options for paying for care.

Our specialist and highly qualified advisers can help save you considerable sums of money.

Care Fee Annuity Quotes

Our specialist Care Financial will be pleased to:

  • Obtain ALL possible care fee annuity quotes for you FREE of CHARGE.
  • Obtain a range of options for you and send a summary to you.
  • Analyse them, advise and make recommendations for you*
  • Set any annuity up for you*

*Please note advising on and arranging any annuity or care plan involves providing and making recommendations so should you wish to proceed with any annuity, Care Financial will need to discuss and agreed a fee at time of giving advice, but Quotes are still provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Please note: These plans are not offered direct by the insurers

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