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The most thoughtful decision you could make - make known your wishes and cap the cost at today’s prices

The average cost of a funeral was £1,920 – today it’s £3,897* That’s an increase of 103% - well above inflation. At this rate in another 10 years the average cost of a funeral could be more than £7,000**
*Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2016
** Golden Charter projections based on Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2016


For many of our clients who are on relatively fixed incomes, capping the cost and Capping the cost and consideration for family in describing what they would like are the two most common reasons why they chose a pre-payment funeral plan.

These plans are arranged by us through Golden Charter one of the UK’s leading per payment funeral plan providers.

By doing a pre-payment funeral plan they not only stop costs from rising any further but benefit from the following additional benefits:-

  • Allows them to make known their wishes – specifying your favourite music or readings.
  • Relieving their family of any concerns or uncertainty at what is an emotional time.
  • Complete flexibility to change or add to any earlier expression of wishes.***
  • Choice of payments methods – either in one single payment which is the most popular, or over 12 months or longer – to suit your circumstances.
  • Choice of plans – Standard, Select or Premium
  • Cover whilst on holiday in UK. Should death occur whilst away from home in the UK, the plan will also cover all of the costs and take care of the administrative burdens of your body being returned to your home.

Intrinsic are not responsible for our funeral planning service.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) doesn’t regulate funeral plans covered by insurance or trust arrangements. It does however stipulate rules for each method of investment, so sums paid by the customer are safeguarded and available to pay for the funeral when needed.

So ensure you complete any parents or relative's arrangements today

While you are sensible looking at ways of capping the high cost of care, doesn’t it also make sense to cap the cost and discuss arrangements for any funeral? Certainly many of our clients and their families have and now enjoy the comfort and reassurance of knowing that arrangements have been made.

Don't forget yourself

Whilst arranging a pre-payment funeral plan for perhaps a parent or relative, don’t forget yourself. If you don’t have sufficient life cover which will cover you until you die, or any funeral plan, it makes even greater sense to cap the cost of your arrangements at today’s prices.

Don't let this happen to you or your parent..

Apply TODAY and CAP the cost. - No age limit and Guaranteed Acceptance

Capping the cost couldn’t be easier – simply contact us today.

It doesn't even matter if your parent or relative is already beyond effectively making known their preferences. As their representative you can complete the application on their behalf and all correspondence will be sent to you.

As agents for Golden Charter - the UK’s leading funeral planning company - we can send you an application form for you to complete and return to us along with your payment. You will then receive a Certificate of Entitlement and membership card to keep in a safe place.

You will also receive the right to change your mind giving you 30 days from receiving your Certificate to make sure you are fully happy with everything.

You can also be assured that all your money along with other clients is invested in a separate independent Board of Trustees.

So if you would now like to receive some information and an application form, simply complete our enquiry form indicating your interest in funeral plans and we will be pleased to contact you to get your full details.

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